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Nordmark-Ostend is a nation loosely based on Sweden as evidenced by the country's flag, laid-back policies and Germanic name. As at the 14th of December, with a population of 937 million, Nordmark-Ostend formally changed its title from the Democratic Republic of Nordmark-Ostend to the Fundamentally Flawed State of Nordmark-Ostend, an indication that the state was free to do so based on the newly acquired ability to change the state name. To further demonstrate the reaches of theis state's ability, the Nation recently submitted a daily issue which is currently in deliberation therefore further information is for now limited The Fundamentally Flawed State of Nordmark-Ostend is now known as the Futuristic Showpiece State of Nordmark-Ostend.

Region: Liberalia
Motto: Veritas Bonitas Prosperitas (Truth, Goodness, Prosperity)
Language|Official Language(s): English, Swedish, Germanic
Capital: Prosperitopolis
Population: 949 Million (12/18/2006)
Currency: Ostendmark
Leader: Eric II
Stats: NSEconomy Pipian XML
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